Wholesale Fashion Jewelry-What you Need to Know

Jewelries have been developed for many centuries. These accessory pieces used to express the wealth and status for those wearers in old history. The king and queen must put on much different pieces of metal, diamond and some other expensive materials to show up their unique power and present some sense of royal. Following its development, jewelries are becoming more common and represent different meanings of trendy fashion, personalities showing and some occasions memory etc. Its style and design also innovated into more trendy taste tailored, so as to attract more general consumers.

Unlike centuries ago, when most of power tag jewelries were made from valuable rare gold, silver, diamond and other precious stones, most of fashion jewelries are nowadays made from non precious stones, like zinc alloy, copper, iron and stainless steel etc. Costume jewelries are becoming more affordable for general people. Correspondingly, the fashion jewelries market is getting bloom, since more people come up to seek their favorite styles of jewelries. Selling fashion jewelries both online and offline gets boosted and more profit margin nowadays.


How to wholesale fashion jewelry to get listed on your shop shelves?

This is the question that most of the jewelry sellers have to face once starting up their business from scratch. If you start from small, it is not possible to design and manufacture every piece on your own. Making a fashion jewelry is the really complicated process, although they are usually very small. Wholesale fashion jewelry comes in and highly recommended to many small-medium business dealers. However, there are still many points you might not know in the process of buying fashion jewelry in bulk, but could result in you total failure afterward, if you pay no enough attention or totally ignore.

If you plan to buy fashion or costume jewelry in wholesale, what type of jewelry you intend to buy? It is a question driven from what consumers market you aim to target. Yeah, it is strongly suggested to target a small segment of potential market at the beginning, especially you have the limited budget. Then to expand your business once you are experienced and get operation well.

The middle class and elite people usually hold a good amount of cash flow in daily spending, so they take more points on quality stuff rather than price tag. If you target them, your fashion jewelry should be made with expensive stones, metal and adorned with valuable accessories. The looking expensive fashion jewelry always earn the best interests among these rich class.

If you aim to promote your jewelry across the common working salary group, some cheap fashion jewelry might be your best bet. These group people usually double check the price tag for whatever they buy, so your fashion jewelry should be focusing more on design style, using some cheap alternative materials to low down the overall price.

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Fashion jewelry style can also be segmented in term of costumers gender. Although most of the fashion jewelry are female-oriented, there are still many men having the habit of wearing various fashion jewelry. Therefore, if you target men’s consumers, fashion jewelry you wholesale should be exclusively for men. The design of men’s jewelry is usually with heavy sense of vintage metal, black or silver touch, to show their unique personality. To learn your targeted consumers, what especially they usually wear each day, how much they willing to pay for jewelry, is really essential before wholesaling men’s fashion jewelry.

Young ladies and guys might not have much money in the pocket, so these class people should concentrate more on trendy design and appearance rather than materials used. The cheap but trendy fashion jewelry might be able to easily earn their hail and jump. If you wholesale some expensive materials made fashion costume jewelry, it might not be sold well among these young people.

To be concluded, wholesale fashion jewelry require you categorize your targeted market very well. It is also not suggested to cover the large selection of various jewelry types at the starting up. If you have the limited budget or would like to save your loss to the least, some advanced market research is definitely essential to learn ins and outs of everything in this industry.

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