Habits you Need to Stop Breaking your Hair

You might not realize how much damage of your bad habits can do to your hair until you learn the myths. The following are a few points summarized to help correct improper hair care activities. Actually, to get healthy and gorgeous hair should be never easier once you learn these tips. Obviously, bad habits for hair care are not limited for these below, and you should do complete research online or consult a local hair stylist. Possibly, most of the things you do every day have potentially damaged to your hair health.

how to get healthy hair

Avoid using the blow hair dryer every time. It is best to allow your hair to dry naturally. When using the hair dryer, do not put it on the maximum heat level, as this would affect your hair sooner or later.

The same advice in number one can be applied to hair straighteners. When using them, always adjust the heat to low or medium and also use a heat protectant to protect your hair and reduce the chances of damaging it.

It is advisable to allow your conditioner to last longer in your hair before washing it off. Most people apply conditioner and leave it for less than a minute before washing off. The best way is to slather the conditioner into your hair properly and leave it for about 5-10 minutes for effective results.

Always leave your hair to dry naturally after you take a shower instead of brushing it while it’s still wet. Brushing wet hair damages it because it is at its weakest state. Always allow it to dry before brushing or combing.

It is not advised to expose your hair to the sunshine too long, even in winter time, yeah, Sun can still do damage to your hair. A proper protection, e.g wearing a hat, is highly recommended. If a hat is not your style, please do not forget to spray some SPF for better protection over your hair.

You should also pay attention to water temperature and proper type of shampoo used while washing hair. Too hot or too cold water is certainly not healthy for hair growth.

Proper hair care habit can certainly deliver great benefits in long term run, so please do maintain your hair with your heart which will definitely save you much cost while saving your hair damaged from bad habits in future.

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